Terms & Conditions


I, Rachael Ryan, legally and solely own and reserve all rights to my intellectual property displayed on this website. All works are protected and registered by the Library of Congress via the US Copyright Office and are protected from all misappropriation. Therefore, it is illegal to copy and/or reproduce paintings, illustrations, prints, images or writing, intentionally or unintentionally.

Reproduction rights are not transferred by purchasing and owning a physical painting or artwork. Reproducing, altering or defacing a purchased artwork is strictly prohibited by Federal and International copyright laws.

Violators of copyright infringement are acting illegally and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.




I, Rachael Ryan, retain the right to use any artwork I’ve created via commission or collaboration to promote my work on my blog, in social media or as examples of my work. 

You agree that any artwork you've purchased from this site which is used in social media credits  ‘Rachael Ryan’ and/or @rachaelryannewyork' as the artist.

You agree that if your purchased original artwork transfers ownership in the future, you will notify me at info@rachaelryannewyork so I can update my database and keep track of the work for my records and any future retrospectives. 



You'll receive a Certificate of Authenticity with each of your purchased artworks. This is a signed document proving the detailed authenticity of original or limited edition artwork which establish its collectable value for your - the collector’s - reference. 

It will include:

  • Name of artwork

  • Medium

  • Dimensions of artwork

  • Limited Edition # (if this applies to your piece)

  • The Date/Month/Year the artwork was purchased

  • My hand-written signature



A 5% charitable donation of the proceeds from each sale will be made to the cause of your choice at the time of checkout. If you don’t specify a cause at that time, one will be chosen for you. The donation percentage is based on the cost of your artwork after sales tax, processing  and shipping costs are applied.

I reserve the right to change the donated amount at certain times during the year in recognition of special occasions or events.  



I have no affiliation with the selected charities on this website. I’ve chosen to support these charities through the sale of my artwork on this website solely because I believe in the work they’re doing and the integrity by which they advocate for their causes.

The charities that I support through the sale of my artwork on this website have no affiliation with me, with my artwork or my beliefs and/or opinions on social responsibility.

The charities that I champion through the sale of my artwork will rotate on an annual basis.



This website contains links to third-party websites that are provided for your information and convenience only. I do not own, operate or control these third-party websites. 

When you use these links that either stream on this website or directly leave this website, I assume no responsibility or liability for any third-party website’s content, services, goods, policies or practices, in any way. 

If you decide to access any third-party websites and make use of the information contained on them, make donations to and/or enter into any contracts with them, you do so entirely at your own consent.