…Having an impassioned mother and grounded father, Rachael became a soulful, intuitive observer of the world.
From her youth she cultivated a strong connection to art, the environment and social responsibility.

An ardent advocate for the health of our planet, Rachael created RachaelRyanNewYork.com to champion Global and Environmental Charities through the sale of her artwork.

She’s currently developing a series titled “Amazonas” exploring our collective connection with Brazil, its rainforest and the threats faced due to deforestation.

Rachael received her BA in Design and 3D Arts from Kent State University in 2001. She earned a Post Baccalaureate Art Teacher’s Certification from Carlow College and spent her formative years teaching art at both Shady Side and Sewickley Academies in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Selling works direct to collector for over ten years, Rachael’s artworks can be found in private collections

nationally and internationally.

She currently lives and works as a full time artist in New York’s Upper East Side.


my story of “Why Art?”


As I sat in my stroller inclined at the perfect angle to enjoy the show, my mother had to frantically snap me out of my deep trance of the dancing overhead lights. I’m pretty sure I’ve been hypnotized by color and movement a million times since. 

I was RAISED with LOVE.

My gorgeous Brazilian Mother taught me how to live fully from the heart. My handsome Irish-American Father taught me how to stay grounded, respect and revere our land, conserve and recycle everything we can and to always care for our animal friends.

Still, I remember looking out into the world past the safety of my warm childhood home and seeing as much conflict as I did beauty. Kind of heavy for a playful, brown-eyed tomboy, it’s true… But, social and spiritual consciousness have never been things I could easily overlook. I doubt they ever will be.

ART is my FIRST LANGUAGE. I use it to EXPRESS EMOTIONS I can't put to WORDS.

Since childhood I made art because visually capturing the energy of a moment came much easier to me than acing math exams. Communicating with color was a breeze compared to giving a speech to a crowded room. I made Art because I was encouraged by my peers and celebrated by the most skeptical. It wasn’t simply my happy place or safe place -- Art was (and is) my place of strength. 

As an adult, I’ve been told by others that my Art is “honest”, that it carries energy and makes the observer feel something within them. It’s a bit uncomfortable to report such feedback, but how else can I encourage you to also trust your instincts? (Always trust them.)

This act of creation has presented an elegant yellow brick road that I follow without hesitation, always… and here’s why…

Because Art IS honest and bold. Because it’s steady and still and yet at the same time can vibrate violently… if it wants to. Because it has muscles to flex and mountains to move as it deeply meditates. Because, it’s powerful and it’s the realest thing I’ve ever known.

Art’s ability to elevate a space or a heart without making a sound is why I’ve dedicated my life to it.
It’s why you and I are here today.