art for our sake


Simply, when you invest in my work, not only will you collect an elegant, rich, colorful or soothing piece of art (that you’ll love), you'll also be supporting one of three transformational charities that are changing the world.

I’ve pre-vetted 3 wonderful charities that champion either our gorgeous Planet Earth, It’s Animals or us, its homo-sapiens.

The choice of which cause we’ll support is yours. 

Why is this important?

Because I truly believe that together we will change the world. We haven’t a choice.

To do that we need awareness and action. 

Our choices have ripple effects. Through them we have the power to transform our World.

So let’s!

And may I say, Happy Collecting! Original artwork isn’t merely decoration — it’s an energy source that will lift you up every single day. I’m honored to have you looking through mine.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with these selected Charities. But, I believe in the work they’re doing and the integrity in which they advocate for their cause.