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Rachael Ryan’s Brazilian roots honed her senses of passion, color, sound and music, while during time spent living in England she fell in love with the forest and countryside. Having a passionate mother and grounded father, Rachael became a soulful, intuitive observer of the world. From her youth, she cultivated a strong connection to art, the environment and social responsibility.

A passionate advocate for the health of our planet, Rachael created to champion Global and Environmental Charities through the sale of her artwork.

She’s currently developing a series titled "Spirit of the Forest” exploring our collective connection with Brazil, its rainforest and the threats faced due to deforestation.

Rachael received her BA from Kent State University in 2001. She moved to New York in 2015 and studies painting at The Art Student’s League.

Rachael’s work can be found in private collections nationally and internationally.