Little Lady Molly

Communion Commission

I loved painting little lady Molly as a gift from her Grandmother for her First Communion. She has such a lovely sparkle in her eyes and big smile that were so fun to try and capture.

I hope Molly has a lovely Communion day and reception and is surprised by her custom artwork commissioned by her Grandmother!

If you have an event that you'd love to capture with a custom illustration by me, drop a little note here and we'll get the party started. :)

Joie de Vivre

'Joie de Vivre' 40 x 30" Oil on Canvas

'Joie de Vivre'
40 x 30"
Oil on Canvas

I'm beyond lucky to have had the best Patrons as a commissioned painter.

I recently had the pleasure of creating this large abstract commission for a wonderful couple, Jess & AJ, here in the city. We installed this weekend with bubbly in hand, and even a few happy tears joined us.

I'm always thrilled for the opportunity to create art for incredible people.

When I'm working on a commissioned piece, I really meditate on the work I'm being asked to create -- on why I'm creating it and who for. What are their personalities and how are they looking to the art to make them feel?

We have a conversation about these things and their energy comes into the studio with me. 

Jess and AJ are a brilliant, exuberant and fun couple who embody a zest for life, and I wanted to translate that to canvas -- and it was so much fun to do! They trusted the process implicitly - I genuinely admire their sense of adventure and ease from start to finish.

An original artwork undeniably changes the vibration of a space and home. Being commissioned to create a piece is truly a dynamic dance between my patrons' vision and my ability to translate and bring it to life through color, movement and meaning.

To me it's a terrific responsibility.

Creating 'Joie de Vivre' (the Joy of Life) for this wonderful couple was a huge joy for me and I'm proud of what we created together.

Thank you, AJ & Jess! You both are Two in a Million. I hope your new artwork brings you happiness and will be a continual reminder of the joy of living that you share with the world.

With Color & Love,


Jess with her new addition.

If you'd like to talk about a commission for you, click here and drop me a note. 

Blushed Bride

There's a grace and power to putting pen - or in this case watercolor - to paper. Sometimes we have to put our dreams down on paper to start to moving them toward reality. This commission was dreamed up for a  strong young lady who's not been feeling so well and is under doctor's care. But, she has a healthy and hopeful vision for her future and knows exactly what she wants. When her mother reached out to commission me and told me her daughter's story, I was moved beyond words. I couldn't wait to put down on paper this fashionable young lady's vision for her wedding day ensemble. She has impeccably good taste and she's going to be the most beautiful blushing bride -- of this I'm sure. I hope her illustration inspires her as much as she herself is an inspiration. 

December Offerings!

A Bespoke Fashion Illustration for the Ladies you Love.

A lovely Senior Portrait Illustration Commission

A lovely Senior Portrait Illustration Commission

One of my dear friend's daughter is in her Senior Year of Upper School, preparing to embark on an exciting new journey as College Freshman next year. She had the most fantastic Senior Portrait session which inspired this whimsical illustration capturing her grace and beauty.

Bespoke Fashion Illustrations capture a moment in time in the most charming way - and are among some of my favorite artworks to create. They're the perfect custom gift and so meaningful! A unique way to celebrate a special event for the wonderful women in your life.

If you'd like to talk more about a custom illustration for this holiday - I'm able to take 3 more commissions by December 10th. Don't wait - Contact me to get the conversation going!


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Many thanks!