Moni Love


Painted above is my beautiful girlfriend, Monique. I call her Moni. Last fall on a visit to my hometown, she and I got together for some wonderful girl time, a little hair and makeup session and photo shoot. Moni and her hubby Terry, a dear dear longtime childhood friend of mine, have always been avid supporters of my art journey. They own several of my works, have come to all of my shows and are the friends whom I can lean on without fail. I love their family like my own.

I've never mentioned on this platform before that for the past 12 years I've been a full-time freelance makeup artist in the commercial, tv and print industry. The best part of my work as a makeup artist is naturally highlighting every woman's beauty and seeing how she stands taller and feels more confident after our sessions together. 

So, I thought, why not combine my expertise of being on photoshoots, style my friends and have a shoot of our own, then paint our favorite curated image. Moni stepped up and agreed to be my first client, and what a brilliant muse she is. We captured so many wonderful sides of her feminine and regal character, it was hard to edit our selects down. But we have...

Above is the first finished installment of our work together; a 14 x 11" watercolor portrait of 'Moni'. I'm currently working on a 40x30" oil painting of this beauty and can't wait to reveal that to you next.

I'm curious, what do you think of this idea? Is it something you'd like to have done for yourself, or someone dear to you? I'd love to hear! I'm still in R&D for these offerings and your feedback is invaluable. 

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Many thanks!
With Color & Love,