A Season of Gratitude, Inspiration and Goals.


I recently listened to Rachel Hollis’ audio book rendition of her latest New York Times Best Seller, ‘Girl, Wash Your Face’. It’s a fantastic book filled with authenticity, vulnerability and powerful life lessons that Rachel so generously shares with us. She’s a force of nature in a tiny frame, and I just fell in love with her from the first chapter through to now.

Her message is geared toward woman but is valuable to everyone. It’s that we each have the power to create the life we want… and if we’re not living it, the fault falls squarely on our own shoulders. I understand that there are a lot of systematic hurdles that we all face… though in most cases, save for the most extreme, I agree with her.

When I moved to NYC, I really wanted to leave professional makeup artistry behind. You may or may not know that pro-makeup has been my primary income stream for going on 13 years. Side by side with painting, makeup has given me the flexibility to travel, paint and even put on several successful solo art shows before moving to NYC.

NYC, true to form, tests everyone who takes up residence here. It will make you stronger as it puts you through a meat grinder, or it will wave to you in your rear view mirror as you high tale it out of the city limits.

Over the past three years I really have tried to keep makeup at arms distance (it hasn’t quite worked). I looked into ways that art sales would not only sustain me but give back to the world through this website (and I’m really proud of the non-profits we’ve been able to help a little through our shared love of art). I even came to the realization, after assisting a successful up and coming niche market painter, (getting to briefly peer behind the curtain of the gallery world), that perhaps becoming a blue chip artist wasn’t a goal I wanted to power toward. I don’t want to become an investor’s side piece. I want to significantly impact someones heart and home through my art.

So what is a girl that just hit 40 to do?

My other passion, besides all things Art, has always been self care, and cultivating a healthy and loving relationship with ourselves. Throughout the years I’ve explored the depths of weight training, yoga and extremely clean eating, body work, vegetarian-ism, vegan-ism, meditation, and now prayer. This past years I have really assisted my home and physical body with the most pure of essential oils through the incredible Co. dōTERRA. Currently, I’ve welcomed nearly 50 families globally to take the journey with me (this is The reason that I’ve neglected this website & creating art for most of the year). I truly do believe in the mission of the company and the power and efficacy of the oils, and I will continue to cultivate that path. The rewards are many.

Though - taking a page from Rachel’s book of vulnerability, ‘Girl, Wash Your Face’ - I must share with you that my heart breaks a little bit every time I move away from creating art. Each and every time I walk through a museum, my hair stands on end and everything in my body and spirit scream to me, ‘you are meant to create more art’. You can appreciate the conundrum of the artist, I’m sure. Wanting so badly to do one thing, though the means of simply adulating (in Manhattan) pull you in another direction completely. Taking another page from Liz Gilbert’s 'Big Magic’, at 19 she proclaimed to her writing that she would never ask it to take care of her. That she would always take care of it. This is a path to artistic freedom.

I do believe that I can both be a Wellness Advocate AND a Painter; that one can support the other. I’m just now planning and plotting their co-linear paths well through 2019.

In art, I’m torn between creating these lovely and happy-making small illustrations, and my deep desire to have a HUGE space where I can unleash all sorts of creativity and color on canvas. I’d rock it, I’m more certain of nothing. (NYC real estate itself presents a challenge to that vision… for now. ;)

Small, delicate illustrations and large figure, impressionist and abstract painting will always be two sides of the same coin for me and I just hope that when I present those two sides together on this forum that you’re not confused by it; for example, sweet little slipper illustrations AND large nude figure abstracts. Life, especially this point in time, can be quite confusing and over saturated (if you will). I’m a big believer in keeping it simple.

So, what am I trying to say to you?

I’m sharing with you that I’m figuring it all out. That this site will go through a big renovation over the next year. That I myself will donate to a cause and you’ll just have to trust me on that, but the main thing that I want to do is CREATE ART, and tell you the story of it and put it up here should you want to bring it into your own home and up level your own space. It will vary between watercolor, oil and mixed media. Perhaps there will even be a 2020 calendar available by this time next year… (and please let me know if you have any ideas that you’d like to see from me! I’d love to know them).

2019 is just around the corner, and I AM moving away from makeup, slowly but surely, and I am spreading my wings within doTERRA and I AM creating, sharing and selling artwork, my life long passion. I am Washing My Face.

And I invite you to do the same. Map out your path. What direction will you move in 2019? What will you create… Who will you empower? Who will you become?

Who do you want to be in 12 months?

Surround yourself with those who you love and make you happy and who challenge you. Eat foods that take you closer to health, not further from it, and surround yourself with things that make you happy. Have faith. Seriously eliminate the rest.

This is what I pray for, for both you and me.

I hope you enjoy this little illustration of Rachel Hollis… and we say to you, with love…

Girl, Wash Your Face…