We're being featured!


"Fire Walk"

I've been waiting to share this piece of good news with you!

Above is my latest abstract work commissioned by a childhood friend, Nicole Jones, who is a powerful and gorgeous force of nature. She's always been strikingly beautiful, kind and strong both inside and out and still is to this day. She'd move mountains for her family and friends with grace and ease and I was so excited to be commissioned by her.

Nicole gave me free-reign to create something for her and her family to enjoy and pointing to some of my past works that spoke to her, explaining why and essentially said, 'I trust you. Go to work." This isn't the first time I've been giving this blessing from commissioners and by far is my favorite way to co-create. It gives me the freedom to tap into their energy and paint from there, without over direction, and I normally make my best work from this place.

''Fire Walk' is what came out of the process. She's a 30 x 40", Oil on Canvas work that's powerful, soft, bold and feminine, (like her commissioner) and reminds me of Earth's four main elements and the forces they each possess.

So moving in person, I decided to enter 'Fire Walk' into a competition in hopes that it would be a chosen feature for publication... and, it was selected!  We're going to be in print in the Winter edition of 'Studio Visit Magazine'. The entry was selected by juror George Kinghorn, Executive Director and Curator at the University of Maine Museum of Art, and will be received by two thousand galleries, museums, curators and art aficionados throughout the US.

I'm both honored that Nicole trusted me to create a work for her and proud that it was recognized by Studio Visit Mag.

I want to thank you guys for your support over the years. Making art for you has been the greatest honor of all.

With Color and Love,