A New Day



I'm so excited you're here!

It's a BIG DAY!
I've been dreaming of creating a space where my love for art and passion for social causes combine into one offering. The idea of 'Paintings with Purpose' came to me earlier this year after doing a deep dive into WHY I made art {beside my absolute need to}.

I decided from a very young age, around 8 years old, that I was going to be a working artist. Since, all my adult life, I've somehow managed to make a living and travel the world by way of wielding paintbrushes. {somehow = super hard work and stubborn determination ;)}

Though... there were other powers at play. Over the past few years, the idea of making art for art's sake wasn't resonating with me and I needed more.

To be honest with you, there's been more than one time when I wished I had the mind of a scientist, or an engineer, so that I could make a lasting impact and create tangible ways to benefit people and our planet. Finally, I accepted that my brain simply doesn't work that way! And now, I'm playing to my strengths.

Through the sales of art on this site, I hope not only to provide work that invokes happiness, contemplation, calmness, energy and Emotion! in you -- I'm also aiming to help our people, planet and animals by interactively sharing my passion with you here and now.

We can't do it alone!  If you resonate with art -- and service -- and the well being of our planet, people and animals, I hope this site strikes a cord for you to act in concert with me. 

I Know That Together, We Can Make A Difference. 

And, as a Full Hearted Thank You for joining me for the ride, I'm offering 30 Days of Free Shipping, starting ...Now. :) 

Feel free to email me with any questions you might have: hello@rachaelryannewyork.com.

With All Color & Love, XOXO


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