Giving Tuesday


Today, Giving Tuesday, 40% for any artwork purchased from RRNY will  be donated to the charity of your choice.


It's the season of Thanks and Giving. As a country we've shared in the changing of guard in our Whitehouse. With this coming change I think that we've decided, as a people, now more than ever we really need to work together to protect our rights, or country, people and our world. 

Today is Giving Tuesday and I'm so excited to share that charity: water - one of the causes my artwork champions - has wonderful donors that are matching donations if you enroll in their monthly giving program named 'The Spring'. I've made several sales of my existing artwork on and off this site over the past 2 months, each patron has chosen charity: water to donate to - and I've been waiting for today to do it!

I've started a campaign with charity: water named: Art for Clean Water.

If you aren't looking to buy art today but do want give back CLICK HERE, to donate to charity: water directly.

And, as always, I've created this platform where you can buy art and also give back to a charity that is close to your heart.

With Color, Love & Hope