Moni Love


Painted above is my beautiful girlfriend, Monique. I call her Moni. Last fall on a visit to my hometown, she and I got together for some wonderful girl time, a little hair and makeup session and photo shoot. Moni and her hubby Terry, a dear dear longtime childhood friend of mine, have always been avid supporters of my art journey. They own several of my works, have come to all of my shows and are the friends whom I can lean on without fail. I love their family like my own.

I've never mentioned on this platform before that for the past 12 years I've been a full-time freelance makeup artist in the commercial, tv and print industry. The best part of my work as a makeup artist is naturally highlighting every woman's beauty and seeing how she stands taller and feels more confident after our sessions together. 

So, I thought, why not combine my expertise of being on photoshoots, style my friends and have a shoot of our own, then paint our favorite curated image. Moni stepped up and agreed to be my first client, and what a brilliant muse she is. We captured so many wonderful sides of her feminine and regal character, it was hard to edit our selects down. But we have...

Above is the first finished installment of our work together; a 14 x 11" watercolor portrait of 'Moni'. I'm currently working on a 40x30" oil painting of this beauty and can't wait to reveal that to you next.

I'm curious, what do you think of this idea? Is it something you'd like to have done for yourself, or someone dear to you? I'd love to hear! I'm still in R&D for these offerings and your feedback is invaluable. 

If you're interested in learning more, sign up to my newsletter on the right of this blog, leave a comment below and I'll be in touch with you shortly.

Many thanks!
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Today's a very special day!

A day where so many of us donate to charities close to our hearts.

We've selected 3 new awesome organizations that are making a big impact on our world.

Please take a little time to learn more about them here!

And tell us, what other charities do you love?  We'd love to know!

Just a reminder that any purchases made on RRNY will benefit one of these organizations.

No matter who you choose to support today or how, your generosity is helping to make the world a more loving place.

It Feels so Good to Give!

Love you Guys!



We're being featured!


"Fire Walk"

I've been waiting to share this piece of good news with you!

Above is my latest abstract work commissioned by a childhood friend, Nicole Jones, who is a powerful and gorgeous force of nature. She's always been strikingly beautiful, kind and strong both inside and out and still is to this day. She'd move mountains for her family and friends with grace and ease and I was so excited to be commissioned by her.

Nicole gave me free-reign to create something for her and her family to enjoy and pointing to some of my past works that spoke to her, explaining why and essentially said, 'I trust you. Go to work." This isn't the first time I've been giving this blessing from commissioners and by far is my favorite way to co-create. It gives me the freedom to tap into their energy and paint from there, without over direction, and I normally make my best work from this place.

''Fire Walk' is what came out of the process. She's a 30 x 40", Oil on Canvas work that's powerful, soft, bold and feminine, (like her commissioner) and reminds me of Earth's four main elements and the forces they each possess.

So moving in person, I decided to enter 'Fire Walk' into a competition in hopes that it would be a chosen feature for publication... and, it was selected!  We're going to be in print in the Winter edition of 'Studio Visit Magazine'. The entry was selected by juror George Kinghorn, Executive Director and Curator at the University of Maine Museum of Art, and will be received by two thousand galleries, museums, curators and art aficionados throughout the US.

I'm both honored that Nicole trusted me to create a work for her and proud that it was recognized by Studio Visit Mag.

I want to thank you guys for your support over the years. Making art for you has been the greatest honor of all.

With Color and Love,






Art That Gives Back

'Old Holland'

'Old Holland'

As soon as I posted 'Old Holland' on Instagram a new friend of mine, Rebecca, a wonderful person, brilliant engineer and art collector reached out and purchased it right away. She was moving from Manhattan to Seattle and knew this piece would be a great addition to her collection and to enliven her new home. 

I feel so honored and blessed to be able to create art that moves people and enriches their world -- but what's even greater is that together, Rebecca and I donated to charity:water, one of the Charities I champion through Fine Art investments on Through our shared love of art $60 of her investment is providing clean drinking, cooking and bathing water to our friends around the globe that didn't have access to it before.

Now, that's Art that makes you feel good.

That's Art that Gives Back.

I've been putting new paintings up, especially in the works 'On Paper' section of the Gallery.

Click here to have a look!

I truly believe that together we can make a big difference in our World

Tell me, which Charity and artwork on RRNY resonates with you the most?
I'd love to hear from you.
Join the conversation and leave a comment below. 

And, if you like what you see I'd be honored if you share it with your friends.

With Color & Love,
Rachael Marie


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A Shift in Perspective

I've joined an Artist Atelier to study oil painting with whom I consider to be some of the world's most masterful painters. That this is even an option is one of the awesome benefits that come with living in New York. I've been studying portrait painting under the renowned painter, Mary Beth McKenzie. Her work can be seen in a dozen museums including the Metropolitan Museum of Art here in New York. 

Though I'm loving them, at this time, I don't think this is the right venue to show the nudes that I've been working on in class. I did, however, want to share with you a floral that I painted a few weeks back. It's really the first of its kind and style for me - less abstract, but still expressionistic. 

If I had to explain how this new style is being born within me - other than being guided by Mary Beth and being influenced by the Atelier -  I think the simplicity of my reason for it would be surprising; I've learned to set up a painter's palette more effectively. Could it really be so simple? I'll also say here, in painting my large-scale abstracts I don't think this new palette arrangement would help in the least; abstract and figurative work really come from two different places within me, and two very different physical palette/studio set ups. 

Though serious about my craft and my process of creation, I don't get too sentimental about or attached to my artwork. I never have a problem parting with them and am always happy to sell them and relish that they have a new life of their own in my client's wonderful homes. However, I'm finding that works that mark a shift in me as an artist are a bit more precious to me and therefore harder to separate with. So maybe this one will stay with me for a little while longer...

That being said, I'm working on a few new series for RRNY, so please stay tuned! I'm excited to refresh and renew the works that are on here for you - including more expressionistic florals. 

Wishing you a life of full bloom this summer, friends!


Little Lady Molly

Communion Commission

I loved painting little lady Molly as a gift from her Grandmother for her First Communion. She has such a lovely sparkle in her eyes and big smile that were so fun to try and capture.

I hope Molly has a lovely Communion day and reception and is surprised by her custom artwork commissioned by her Grandmother!

If you have an event that you'd love to capture with a custom illustration by me, drop a little note here and we'll get the party started. :)

Blizzardish Blues

 Gauche, Oil Pastel, Metallic Paint, Micron Pen, Pencil

Gauche, Oil Pastel, Metallic Paint, Micron Pen, Pencil

The weather forecast called for two feet of snow this mid March day. Luckily, only about 8" fell in Manhattan... unluckily, most of it icy. 

I think, looking out of our snowy apartment window all morning, that the blue-toned street corner inspired me to paint a cool-toned work.

I stumbled upon an old Gotham Magazine tear of Naomi Watts draped in a Delpozo gown, SS2016 - a $28,450 piece. Not the painting (yet) but the dress. ;) 

She's so naturally lovely and I found her pose really charming, casual and cool.

The tear was also printed in black and white - perfectly how I prefer images I paint from to be. Without colored images, my color choices are free and uninfluenced. This is also the reason why so many of my portrait paintings are created with the absence of true flesh tones. 

There are already so many perimeters on how we interpret the world - I'd rather not embrace many of them in my artwork.

So, liberties were taken, Delpozo, my apologies. 

Why doesn't it look like Lady Watts, you ask? Well, when I work, I really just want to be inspired by the person, place or object, not really wanting to replicate them exactly as they are. That's why we have cameras, no? ;) That said, my hats off to any realistic painter; an enviable talent.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this blizzardy-babe painted in gauche today.

Stay colorful and cozy,


Joie de Vivre

 'Joie de Vivre' 40 x 30" Oil on Canvas

'Joie de Vivre'
40 x 30"
Oil on Canvas

I'm beyond lucky to have had the best Patrons as a commissioned painter.

I recently had the pleasure of creating this large abstract commission for a wonderful couple, Jess & AJ, here in the city. We installed this weekend with bubbly in hand, and even a few happy tears joined us.

I'm always thrilled for the opportunity to create art for incredible people.

When I'm working on a commissioned piece, I really meditate on the work I'm being asked to create -- on why I'm creating it and who for. What are their personalities and how are they looking to the art to make them feel?

We have a conversation about these things and their energy comes into the studio with me. 

Jess and AJ are a brilliant, exuberant and fun couple who embody a zest for life, and I wanted to translate that to canvas -- and it was so much fun to do! They trusted the process implicitly - I genuinely admire their sense of adventure and ease from start to finish.

An original artwork undeniably changes the vibration of a space and home. Being commissioned to create a piece is truly a dynamic dance between my patrons' vision and my ability to translate and bring it to life through color, movement and meaning.

To me it's a terrific responsibility.

Creating 'Joie de Vivre' (the Joy of Life) for this wonderful couple was a huge joy for me and I'm proud of what we created together.

Thank you, AJ & Jess! You both are Two in a Million. I hope your new artwork brings you happiness and will be a continual reminder of the joy of living that you share with the world.

With Color & Love,


Jess with her new addition.

If you'd like to talk about a commission for you, click here and drop me a note. 

Blushed Bride

There's a grace and power to putting pen - or in this case watercolor - to paper. Sometimes we have to put our dreams down on paper to start to moving them toward reality. This commission was dreamed up for a  strong young lady who's not been feeling so well and is under doctor's care. But, she has a healthy and hopeful vision for her future and knows exactly what she wants. When her mother reached out to commission me and told me her daughter's story, I was moved beyond words. I couldn't wait to put down on paper this fashionable young lady's vision for her wedding day ensemble. She has impeccably good taste and she's going to be the most beautiful blushing bride -- of this I'm sure. I hope her illustration inspires her as much as she herself is an inspiration. 

Denim Dreamin'

Fashion is so wonderfully expressive. It's wearable art, really. The colors, the fabric and movement... It all just lights me up! I often tell my guy, 'If I were filthy rich, oh, the fashion I'd wear...' He normally cringes just a little bit. But I think he's curious.

Everywhere I go I'm always commenting on my favorite street looks, accessory pops, and elegant or edgy ensembles. I usually even compliment strangers when their sense of style so moves me. They may think I'm crazy, but I don't care... I simply can't help myself. ;)  It only makes sense that when I moved to one of the most fashionable cities on the planet, I was moved to start illustrating fashion. I adore my oil abstracts and figure painting, though there's also something about illustrating fashion with magical watercolors that also flutters my heart.

So, Yeah -- Baby, it's really really cold outside, but I couldn't help but illustrate this sweet, light & edgy denim number via Citizens Of Humanity. Swoon.

If I had to commit to a uniform, it would hands-down be blue jeans, a black tank top, maybe some layerables, and always boots & a jacket - or sandals and a light scarf in warmer climates. I would never tier!

Ok, back to reality. Next illustration, winter coats and very cherry red Hunter boots. (Hint Hint, Santa)




December Offerings!

A Bespoke Fashion Illustration for the Ladies you Love.

 A lovely Senior Portrait Illustration Commission

A lovely Senior Portrait Illustration Commission

One of my dear friend's daughter is in her Senior Year of Upper School, preparing to embark on an exciting new journey as College Freshman next year. She had the most fantastic Senior Portrait session which inspired this whimsical illustration capturing her grace and beauty.

Bespoke Fashion Illustrations capture a moment in time in the most charming way - and are among some of my favorite artworks to create. They're the perfect custom gift and so meaningful! A unique way to celebrate a special event for the wonderful women in your life.

If you'd like to talk more about a custom illustration for this holiday - I'm able to take 3 more commissions by December 10th. Don't wait - Contact me to get the conversation going!


Ps, Do you know a friend who would enjoy this service? If so, please share!
Many thanks!



A New Day

I've been dreaming of creating a space where our love for art and social causes could combine into one offering. The idea of 'Paintings with Purpose' came to me earlier this year after doing a spiritual deep dive into WHY I needed to create art....