A letter from Rachael


As I sat in my stroller inclined at the perfect angle to enjoy the show, my mother had to frantically snap me out of my deep trance of the dancing overhead lights. I’m pretty sure I’ve been hypnotized by color and movement a million times since. 

I was RAISED with LOVE.

My gorgeous Brazilian Mother taught me how to live from my heart filled full with passion. My handsome Irish-American Father taught me how to stay grounded, respect and revere our land, recycle, conserve and to care of our animal friends.

Still, I remember looking out into the world past the safety of my warm childhood home and seeing as much pain as I did beauty. Kind of heavy for a playful, brown-eyed tomboy, I know… But, social and spiritual consciousness have never been things I could easily overlook. I don’t think they ever will be.

ART is my FIRST LANGUAGE. I use it to EXPRESS EMOTIONS I can't put to WORDS.

Since childhood, I made art because visually capturing moments came much easier to me than acing math exams. Communicating with color was a breeze compared to giving a speech. I made ART because I was encouraged by my peers continuoulsy. It wasn’t simply my happy place or safe place -- ART was my place of strength. 

As an adult, I’ve been told by others that my ART is “honest” and that it makes people FEEL.

ART has presented a yellow brick road that I follow without hesitation, always…do you want to know why? 

Because it’s honest and bold. Because it’s soft and still and yet can vibrate violently… at the same time. Because it has muscles to flex and mountains to move as it meditates. Because, it’s powerful. Because it’s the realest thing I’ve ever known. And it’s why we are here today.


Painting With Purpose


Simply, when you invest in my work, not only will you collect a beautiful piece of art that you love,  you'll also be supporting one of three transformational causes that are changing the world. The choice of which cause is yours. 

Why is this important?

Because I truly believe that together, we can and we will change the world. 

To do that we need, now more than ever, awareness and action. 

Our planet and resources are in desperate need of some well deserved R&R. With over 7.8 billion people on Earth, some of our neighbors need a little help from their friends. And, without a voice of their own, all of Earth’s creatures need our voice.

Our choices and voices have ripple effects.

Through them we have the power to transform our world every day. So let’s!

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with these selected Charities. But, I believe in the work they’re doing and the integrity in which they advocate for their cause.

The Collections

There are three types of Collections to choose from:

Works on Paper, Works on Canvas & Custom Prints

Each of these three offerings are uniquely designed to suit your budget. 

I hope you’ll soon own Art that you love, that moves you & that makes a difference.

With Color & love, Rachael